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Moving Home – Local, National and International Removals

Safe, secure and expedient removals is at the heart of all that we do. For our customers, a part of their lives is going through a big change. They entrust us with valuable, often irreplaceable belongings. In return we give them the promise that each staff member will treat these belongings as if they were their own. It’s a promise we continue to deliver on and one we’re proud to hold.

We have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes, all fully covered and always accompanied by a team of dedicated and professional movers. A team which works on the Brunels promise.

Local Bristol Removals

There is no job too small for us to manage. We provide services for anything from a few boxes going round the corner to full home or office moves. Our local knowledge means we can not only find the quickest and safest routes from A to B but also advise you on timings. We can make you aware of events or major works which could impact on your moving day.

National Removals

Long haul removals come with their own unique pressures and considerations. We understand these, which means we can not only pre-empt them but more importantly, we can advise you on how to avoid their impact on your move. Whether it is planning packing and unpacking times, or mapping travel routes which avoid high risk congestion areas, we eliminate as many of the potential variables as possible. A 500 mile move can be planned with the same attention to detail as a 5 mile move. Naturally, the longer the journey, the greater the possibility of unforeseeable delays. But where pre-planning can't prevent these, clear communication gives reassurance and puts our customers at ease that all is under control.

European Removals

Sometimes moves cross borders. There's a bit more admin and a lot more trust involved. We've been hauling valuables for customers across thousands of miles for decades. Our drivers are familiar with the main haulage routes across Europe. They are trained and constantly checked on the safety requirements of long-haul travel as well as European customs and traffic laws. Most importantly though, despite all the additional considerations, they keep as paramount that the safe and speedy delivery of your belongings is the key goal.


Most removal companies talk about ‘budget’ moving services, not many deliver on them. At Brunels, a budget move is much more than just a reduced price that you might be able to afford. We have been the first-choice mover for countless people working on a budget because we start first, not with the price, but with what is most important to you. Budgeting is about prioritising the services that are most helpful to you Whether we are advising you on how to pack your belongings to enable us to come with the smallest vehicle possible, helping you plan out the number and size of boxes you need or even putting you in touch with a decluttering expert before you move, there is many a way to make sure that you only spend what is needed and most important when it comes to your move.